Empowering Science: OpenUC2’s Journey to Nigeria’s Biomedical Landscape at BioRTC

Around two years ago, the seeds of collaboration were sown when OpenUC2 embarked on a mission to introduce open-source microscopes to the BioRTC (Biotechnology Research Center). The idea was grand, but the path forward was uncertain. The initial discussions paved the way for what would become a transformative journey. The collaboration started modestly, with virtual […]

Microscopy Innovation: Peering Into the Smallest Depths of the Natural World

In the world of scientific research and exploration, the old adage “seeing is believing” holds a unique and undeniable truth. This is especially prevalent in the field of microscopy, where the pursuit of tiny details, dynamics, and the unraveling of the interrelationships between living compartments are integral to our understanding of the world around us. […]

Stories from the … AQLM at the MBL Woods Hole and the HHMI Janelia Research Campus

What if you could transport a light sheet micrscope á la openSPIM, a DMD-based SIM (structured illumination microscopy), a whole range of educational kits for teaching geometric and wave optics and Matchboxscope sets across the ocean, but all in a single cart? Then you could teach students the basic principles of 3D volumetric imaging, super-resolution, […]

openUC2@GOSH Hackathon

GOSH event image

Introducing the UC2 Open Optics Hackathon: Join us for an Unforgettable Event! Are you passionate about open-source technology and scientific innovation? Look no further! We are thrilled to announce the UC2 Open Optics Hackathon, where we bring together You, the brightest minds in the community to revolutionize the world of optics. For the past five […]